Who is ‘broadwaybabyto’?


Who is ‘broadwaybabyto‘? If you’ve stumbled upon my website, there’s a good chance you’ve followed my on twitter, checked out my terrible instragram photos, creeped my Facebook or viewed my work from my time at BroadwayWorld. Those places are a good start, but as I carve out my own little spot on the interwebs, I figure I should delve into who I am and why I’ve created this website.

I’m a theatre geek at heart. Always have been, and I hope I always will be. I’m a writer, a reader, a (at times bad) singer, coffee lover, social media fiend, wannabe Roots model, movie fanatic, brit-pop enthusiast, proud ginger, travel newbie and sometimes financier. Basically a jack of all trades. Little bit Bernadette Peters, little bit Anne of Green Gables, little bit Rachel McAdams circa Morning Glory (think of the scene where she forgets her skirt because she’s distracted by her blackberry). 100% hot mess.

Sometimes I’m even the girl who photobombs Elton John…


Can you spot the ginger?

You are likely to find me at the theatre with a Starbucks in one hand and my cellphone in the other. Look for the flaming red hair and the tell-tale ‘twitter distraction’ (you know what I’m talking about – that glean people get in their eyes right before they walk headfirst into a telephone pole because they’re formulating their next tweet in their head).

A Mizzie is Born

A 5 Year Old Theatre Geek

Theatre has always been my first love. When I was five years old , my parents took me to see the Canadian production of Les Miserables. There’s something magical about seeing an incredible piece of live theatre, and I want this site to first and foremost harness that magic and showcase it for everyone who reads it.

It breaks my heart that the younger generations aren’t experiencing more of the incredible theatre we have to offer, because I honestly believe that an involvement in theatre (and in the arts) makes for a more well rounded, caring, and compassionate person. It builds character, empathy and understanding – all traits that the world desperately needs right now.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a ginger superhero – leading a double life covering the Toronto theatre scene and working in the exciting world of high finance (more on that can be found on my LinkedIn page). It’s not what most people would expect, but every good ginger relishes the element of surprise. So when I’m not at the theatre, I can generally be found either pursuing one of the many interests listed above, or toiling away in the corporate world crunching numbers and bringing my unique flair to the ‘suit and tie’ culture.

Finally, I love social media. The social and digital world has given me a way to express myself and meet interesting people who I never would have crossed paths with through ‘regular’ life. I can often be found tweeting away as part of Toronto’s #SITClub, burning the midnight oil ranting about men (I’m perpetually single by choice, and love to talk about my crazy dating adventures), sharing theatre geek stories or talking about my favourite brands, products and events. It’s an incredible way to share, learn and grow – and I’m happy to say that I’ve met some of my best friends through social media. So if you aren’t already following me on Twitter – I humbly suggest you do. You’re missing out on all my glorious bungled misadventures, of which there are many.


all tweets, all the time

As Julia Roberts once said, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” I think that’s how I’m going to approach this blog. I’m just a girl, sitting behind a computer, asking the interwebs to love her. I’ve been here for a long time, but this is my first foray into creating my own space, and I hope you love it.

I can’t offer much, but I do want to ensure accountability to myself and my readers. So I present my own lil manifesto. These are my promises to the reader, my A&Os (there’s some corporate lingo for ya) of what this site will deliver at all times:

  • Lots and lots of laughs. I love to laugh at myself, because god knows I sure do get into the craziest of situations. I promise not to hold back, and when I do something incredibly stupid, I will share. We can all learn and grow from my mistakes
  • An honest look at Toronto theatre through the eyes of someone who loves it more than anything else in the world. I’ve been called a ‘cheerleader for musical theatre’ more than once, so think of this website as my pom poms. If there’s a show I love, an upcoming cabaret, a festival or event I think captures the magic I love so much, you will read about it here. I will feature tons of our incredible artists who have given me so much joy over the years, and I hope to introduce a new generation to the love of live theatre.
  • A unabashed look at the craziness that is dating in the new millennium. Sure, this is first and foremost a theatre site. But most of my dating misadventures have occured in or around the theatre, and I’ve been told they’re quite hilarious. From the boy who leaned over mid-way through act 1 to ask me ‘are they singing live???’ to the post-show drink discussion that resulted in a fellow critic informing me I had been ‘accidentally sexting’ for the better part of an evening, if it involves men and it’s funny – I’m going to share it.
  • A look at some of my favourite brands and why I’m so incredibly loyal to them. A lot of people often ask why I tweet at brands such as @StarbucksCanada, @RootsCanada or @Telus as often as I do, and it’s because I love what they do with social. Brands who’ve embraced social media and done it ‘right’ earn a huge amount of respect from me, and if I like the product, I’m definitely going to engage. There’s a backstory behind just about every brand I deal with, and I look forward to sharing.
  • Ginger love. Because at the end of the day – red hair don’t care right???

A ginger and her fave marquee